Thursday, March 25, 2010

Illustrating The Yellow Tutu, Part 16

The last two pages show the girls bonding in a garden of their shared imagination. Text is on the upper left.


  1. Hello! I just read your book to my 6 year old daughter Lucy and 3 year old Bear and we all loved it! The illustrations are so unique and beautiful. The texture is wild. From the yellow tutu sponging (?) to the visceral satin of the pink ribbon on the gift. Its an uncanny mix of soft focus and minute detail. And the picture of when Margo gets teary eyed is heartbreaking. Wonderful job. KEEP IT UP! And please add me to any mailing list announcing your future works. - MAry VG

  2. Oh My word! How fantastic is this illustration spread??? I love feeling of the illustration and the tulle on her head is over the top fabulously done. I can see the airiness of it. I wish you all the very best and I send you positive energy to get the job done. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

  3. Mimi - A very belated thank you for your wonderful comment. I hadn't seen anyone was commenting here. I'm thrilled to hear that you, Lucy and Bear enjoyed The Yellow Tutu so much!

    Vanessa - I am such a fan of your illustrations and blog! Fun and beautiful work seems to flow from you like water - so consistently good. Thanks so much for the well wishes.